Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, today I am 24 weeks pregnant.  They say once you reach 24 weeks they will do all they can to save your baby if, heaven forbid, something should happen.  But, would they really be able to do much in an area where the closest NICU is 2 hours away by car and probably about an hour by life flight?  I sure hope I don't have to worry about finding out!

Eric and Bretton have both felt the baby move within the last week.  It's nice to not only feel him moving myself, but to see their reactions when they get to feel him.  Plus, it's fun to watch the movement from the outside and not just feel it from the inside.  He's got some strong arms and legs already! 

Well, Eric got hired for a part time position at the Hospital- which he is very happy about.  It's where he has wanted to work all along.  But, he can't start orientation until he is listed on the CNA registry, and apparently that can take about a month to get on.  I'm hoping he doesn't lose the position in the meantime because they don't want to hold it or something, but I bet they must know how long it can take and he was honest with them about just finishing the course, so hopefully they want him enough to wait!

Well, tomorrow is Easter.  We are planning to go to sunrise service and breakfast, I think.  Bretton is going to do an Easter egg hunt with Ronica's girls tomorrow either before or after Easter dinner and of course, we will be having Easter dinner- at Denise's like every year.  I am so thankful to have them as my friends and family and am glad to be able to spend the day with them.

I suppose I should get myself together for the day.  There are plenty of things to do!