Friday, October 7, 2011

No Bake's!!

Yay!!  Eric and I finally made the no bake cookies I have been wanting for weeks!  Problem now will be keeping me limited on them as I am trying hard to keep the sweets under control.  My cravings this pregnancy have been mainly for sweets, and I don't want to gain too much, or hurt baby or myself, especially if I have GD-- which I won't know for another month or so. 

Anyway, the batch came out fantastic!  Usually, they come out either too dry, or too sticky.  Not this time.  They were just right.  Chewy and gooey, but not so much that it sticks to you, with a wonderful flavor.  Sometimes i think they just don't taste right if the consistancy isn't right.  Does that happen to others?

Anyway, just wanted to share.  I will try to post some pictures of them later.  Right now I must attend to a cranky, teething, possibly ear-infected, raw bum, naked, feverish little blondie!

Long Weekend Ahead

**I am typing one handed so I apologize for (extra) mistakes!*** Apparently I forgot to hit post!  I typed this last night.**

I have been craving no bake cookies for two weeks now.  I went to make them one night and we were out of butter!  Eric bought butter the other night for me, yet I haven't made them yet!  I really need to get to it!  I'm hoping to get a chance to make them tomorrow, but our day tomorrow seems to be filling up quickly!

It is a four day weekend for me, hence the long weekend ahead title.  Tomorrow is a teacher workshop day, but furlough day for support staff, so I get to stay home.  Then Monday is a holiday so we have that off as well.  We just had a half day on Wednesday as well, and have another half day in two weeks.  What a waste of precious teaching time!  The state wonders why the students aren't meeting standards and aren't scoring well on standardized tests...  Hello, school is only 6 hours day with a lot of vacations, workshops, and half days thrown in.  Then they require the students to take a bunch of tests. So far we have been testing for 4 weeks now!  What a waste.  All that time that could be spent in the classroom learning instead of taking a test that, in my opinion, essentially proves nothing.

Anyway, Friday is filling up fast with things to do and Saturday Bretton is going to a camp out-- ready to freeze!  Sunday we may go apple picking and Monday the van gets inspected.  I know there is more to do this weekend, I just don't remember what!  I wish there was a full day to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing! 

Well, I'm exhausted and Ephraim is super cranky.  Off to put him to bed!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sorry-- stupid photos!!!

For whatever reason, the blog cut my photos in half and I can't figure out how to fix them!!!!!!!  I will have to mess with it another day.  Sorry for the weird half pictures!

Past Meals

In a recent post, I said I was going to start posting cooking/baking stuff.  So, here is the first one.

So, about a week ago or so, we had cheese, steak, and pepper sandwiches with a side of zucchini "chips".   I took some pictures knowing I wanted to start blogging about cooking and baking, but forgot shortly after!  So, here they are.  Nothing fancy, just a craving and last minute throw together meal.   (My camera sucks, as does my ability to take pictures, so I apologize for the terrible shots.)

 Zucchini "Chips":Photobucket

The dinner plate:

I have another (little) "chef" in my house.  Last night, Bretton cooked dinner.  I try to let him chose a meal once a week or so to make.   He always does a great job, even when the meals sound sort-of "crazy".  This time he chose stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with stuffing), mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli.  We've never had them before so this was a new process for both of us.  He didn't want a recipe to go off, either!  He made the meal himself, while I supervised.  The only thing I did was cut the breasts in half for him.

He chose to bread the chicken first.  Then he cooked them for about a half hour at 400*, and stuffed them after.  He then put them back in the oven for another 10 minutes.  They came out really good and will be added to our rotating menu!  Here's a few pictures of the meal.

The stuffed chicken breasts:Photobucket

The dinner plate:

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm thinking I might start adding some posts every now and then (or maybe more than that) with cooking/baking stuff.  I'm going to start later today with dinner pictures from a few nights ago, and maybe something from today-- if I get around to making anything.

I always want to try new things, but am always afraid to spend the money and time on it with the possibility of at least one family member hating it.  Or worse, everyone hating it!

Anyway, that's my thoughts for now.  I have to go put a sleeping baby down so I can get something to eat.  I'm starving!