Friday, October 7, 2011

Long Weekend Ahead

**I am typing one handed so I apologize for (extra) mistakes!*** Apparently I forgot to hit post!  I typed this last night.**

I have been craving no bake cookies for two weeks now.  I went to make them one night and we were out of butter!  Eric bought butter the other night for me, yet I haven't made them yet!  I really need to get to it!  I'm hoping to get a chance to make them tomorrow, but our day tomorrow seems to be filling up quickly!

It is a four day weekend for me, hence the long weekend ahead title.  Tomorrow is a teacher workshop day, but furlough day for support staff, so I get to stay home.  Then Monday is a holiday so we have that off as well.  We just had a half day on Wednesday as well, and have another half day in two weeks.  What a waste of precious teaching time!  The state wonders why the students aren't meeting standards and aren't scoring well on standardized tests...  Hello, school is only 6 hours day with a lot of vacations, workshops, and half days thrown in.  Then they require the students to take a bunch of tests. So far we have been testing for 4 weeks now!  What a waste.  All that time that could be spent in the classroom learning instead of taking a test that, in my opinion, essentially proves nothing.

Anyway, Friday is filling up fast with things to do and Saturday Bretton is going to a camp out-- ready to freeze!  Sunday we may go apple picking and Monday the van gets inspected.  I know there is more to do this weekend, I just don't remember what!  I wish there was a full day to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing! 

Well, I'm exhausted and Ephraim is super cranky.  Off to put him to bed!!

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