Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a weekend

So, it is currently Sunday evening.  Tomorrow I go back to work, after a four day weekend, that wasn't planned.  We had snow days both Thursday and Friday.  I'm actually looking forward to going back to work.  One of my biggest things about staying home is I find myself bored or annoyed with something to do with our apartment.  (I wish we could just move already!)  Also, for some reason I can drink all my water through out the day at work with no problems, but at home, I find myself pushing the water at the end of the day because I didn't get it all in sooner.  I wonder why that is though.  Ah- oh well.

Eric is currently at one of his clinicals.  Bretton and I actually had to go bother him today because he had my debit card and I needed it to put gas in the car and go to Wal*Mart.  I felt bad to disturb him, but I didn't have any other way to do it.  He looked like he was enjoying himself though.

Yesterday we went to Strong and helped prepare food for Chris and Bri's wedding reception.  We then came home, took showers and headed back for the wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, and Chris and Bri looked absolutely amazing! They seemed happier than ever and it all seemed to go pretty well.  I can't wait to hear about their honeymoon!

Today, Eric, Bretton and I went to Salem to pick up Bri's car so that we could take it to a mechanic to be looked at.  We are considering buying it, but want to know what a mechanic says first.  Well, we didn't end up bringing it home.  We left, with Eric driving Bri's car while I had the van and was leading him.  I looked in my mirror a few times to make sure he was there and at one point he was gone.  I slowed down, thinking he would show up, but he didn't.  I found a place to turn around (which wasn't easy considering the amount of snow everywhere) and went back to find the car in the snowbank.  He said the power steering stopped working and he went off the road.

So, Bretton and Eric pushed the car while I drove it out of the bank.  I then took it down the road a bit to see how the power steering was, and it was definitely gone!  I checked the fluid, which was pretty close to full, so I knew it wasn't that.  We decided to take it back to their house as it would have been nearly impossible to drive it all the way to Farmington.  Eric wanted to drive it as he was worried about me and the baby, with the amount of force I had to use to steer the car and probably the possibility of going off the road, but I felt it would be easier for me to drive it than for him to.  No offense to him, but I am stronger than he is and he was already off the road once.  Anyway, we made it back.  Too bad it wasted a lot of time and gas for nothing!

So, I may have mentioned this before, but I'm too excited not to say it again!  On Thursday we have our anatomy ultrasound!! :)  I am excited to see the baby, but very worried too.  I'm hoping my fears and worries aren't justified.  In the meantime, I am trying to not get too stressed over it, and am also focusing a lot on trying to decide what to do.  I want to wait to find out the gender at birth, but Eric and Bretton would like to know the gender now.  I guess in a way, I wouldn't mind knowing, but I don't want others to know and I know there is no way Bretton can keep it a secret.  I am sooo confused as to what to do!!

Either way, I love you wiggleloo!  (Daddy says that is your new nickname!) Can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Snow Day"

So today was a "snow day", yet there wasn't that much snow.  There was some this morning, then rain all day.  We went to the store around 12:30 this afternoon and the roads didn't seem too terrible, which made me frustrated that school was canceled for the day.  I know that they have to make a decision early in the morning, and they do what they think is best.  It's just frustrating that it means we have to add days on at the end of the year.  What ever happened to built in snow days?  As of right now, I am about 90% sure that we are going to be in school until June 21st, and that's if we don't have any more snow days!

So, what have I done all day?  Let's see... oh yes, I laid in bed for awhile instead of getting up when I usually would.  I watched House, went to the grocery store, cleaned up the kitchen, watched some more House, played Hand and Foot with Bretton and now I am writing this while I make dinner. 

Bretton is busy knitting and Eric is at one of his clinicals and won't be home until after 10 pm.  We have a busy day tomorrow with work and whatever after school activities we can fit in (including getting a second car I think).  Then on Saturday our dear friends are getting married so we will be busy helping set up for the reception and then actually attending the ceremony and reception. 

Oh, and in one week we get to see our baby with another ultrasound!  We can't wait!  I'm just praying and hoping that s/he is growing healthy and strong.   We are all so excited to meet him or her! I already love him/her so much.  :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


We bought a car!  I am so glad to not have to beg people for rides anymore!  To be able to leave my home; to not feel stuck anymore!  What a relief.  Too bad it cost more than we wanted to spend, but we are hoping it will be worth it in the long run.  Now we need to insure it and register it.  I'm hoping the registration isn't too much, though it seems like every year the amounts and rules change!

Eric has his class final tomorrow, then starts clinical's Sunday.  We have our ultrasound March 4th, our first Centering Pregnancy group March 11th and then Eric has his State Exam for his CNA certification on March 12th.  Busy, busy.

Speaking of Centering Pregnancy, I am very curious to start it and see what we get from it.  It's an evening "class" for pregnant women and their significant others.  Instead of going to your OB for check ups you have everything done at the class, unless it's an ultrasound or something "big".  You also get to talk about things and hear/learn about parenting, babies, pregnancy, etc.  I already have a child, so I may feel like I've heard it all before, but I thought it would still be good to go to- a refresher if you will.  Plus Eric hasn't done this before, and it would be nice to do it together.

So, it's once a month for a few months, then changes to be more often.  I asked to be in it at the beginning of the pregnancy, but apparently they forgot or didn't call me in time, because the group we should have been in has already started.  Oh well, we will just be further ahead than the women in the one we are starting.  They are all due in August and September, while we are due in July.  Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I caught it.  The dreaded stomach bug that Eric had.  And I tell you, it's horrible! 

That is all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


That's about how everyone here is feeling, with Eric being the worst.  Bretton and I just have headaches and upset tummies, but nothing major- yet.  Hoping it doesn't go past that point!  Eric on the other hand, was extremely ill yesterday and while he is doing better today he still isn't completely better.  I'm hoping he is feeling much more himself tomorrow though.  He missed work last night and tonight, and he also missed his last CNA class tonight. 

So, we bought a few cute outfits today for the baby.  They are more "boyish" than gender neutral, but we don't mind if a girl wears blue.  We actually prefer it that way!  And Eric really liked one of the outfits cause it refers to "daddy"- though I can't remember how.   We also bought a prenatal heart listener for only $20 and tried it out when we got home.  It's crazy how much the baby is moving around in me.  It sounds like a drum solo at a rock concert!  This particular monitor also allows you to record the sounds so I will probably try that out in the next few days or so and see how that works out. 

Well, that's about it for today.  I'm hoping we can go out to do something tomorrow, but we have to wait and see what the weather does.  Ta ta for now!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I never really understood why, or who, made this stupid holiday up.  Yes, I buy something special for Bretton every year and allow him to buy stuff for others.  I even got something for Eric.   But seriously, shouldn't every day be treated as though it is Valentine's Day?  Shouldn't people who love each other always be doing something nice for each other, and not just once a year?   Even so, I plan to give Eric his stuff, and we are going to go to lunch with some friends.  Though, for me, it is more just going out to enjoy it, than it is for a specific day or reason.

Anyway, Bretton's team lost their game yesterday.  They were down three players while the other team actually had all their players this time!  The game was very close the whole time though and there was almost no way to definitely know until the last 50 seconds or so as to who was going to win!  It's sad though- I mean, I'm not one who thinks it's all about winning.  I always say it's about having fun and doing your best, but this one time it would have been so great if they had won.  Eric didn't get to see any games due to his CNA class always being at the same time.  If they had won, they would have gone on to a night game this week and then he could have gone.  But, such is life.  They did a great job and I am proud of the way Bretton played.

So, Eric is going to try to switch shifts at the nursing home.  I think he enjoys the night shift, but he's so tired for days after as his body doesn't want to let him sleep long enough to catch up during the day.  He is going to see if he can can be per diem instead. He will easily get plenty of hours still, as they need people for all shifts.  They just don't have the coverage that they should have.  Bad for them, but could potentially be good for us.  Once Eric is done his CNA classes and clinicals, I am hoping he can work a good 5 days or more a week so we can start putting some money aside.  We really want to move sometime- the sooner the better.  He owes his parents money as they loaned him the first half of what we had to pay for his CNA class, and we (obviously) have a baby on the way that we want to put money aside for in case we need it.  Especially since I won't be working this summer and am also hoping to get September and maybe October off from the next school year.  That would be 5 months of me not working so any extra money we can put away will help alot.

 Well, I should go get myself ready for the day.  It's almost 11 and Bri and Chris will probably be calling me in a few short hours and I haven't even gotten dressed yet!  I'm such a bum sometimes!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twenty-one days and counting

So, another day has almost past and life is about the same as usual.  Except for Eric working 10pm to 6am, three nights a week.  Which leaves me with an empty bed those nights and a cranky over tired husband who can't seem to sleep more than 5 hours a day when he gets home.  I'm sure it is very hard on him, but I am also sure that if he gives his body some time (a month or more at least) he will start adjusting, but we shall see.

Tomorrow is the last day of school/work before February vacation.  While I am looking forward to having a week off, I'm dreading it as well.  Without a car we are stuck at home with nothing to do, no where to go.  If that happens I will go insane.  I am so tired of being stuck at home all the time and not being able to go out when I want and where I want.  I am just praying that our tax return comes soon and that we can find a car worth buying ASAP.

On Saturday, Bretton has basketball.  It is a play-off game and his team is currently number one so if they win they go to the championship game.  If not, their season is over.  I'm really hoping they win because that will mean Eric should be able to make it to the championship game.  He hasn't been able to go to any games since he always has class on Saturdays, but the championship game will be a weekday evening!

Well, on a final note, we had another prenatal appointment today.  The baby was moving all around so it took a few minutes to get the heartbeat for more than a second at a time.  I had some blood work done and then scheduled our next appointment at the OB's office along with our anatomy scan (the *big* ultrasound).  I can't wait and will probably be counting down the days.  It is on March 4th, which is in 21 days; the reason for the title of this blog. 

Can't wait!  As much as I don't like the pregnancy symptoms, I love this child so much already and am excited to meet him or her in July!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another day has come, but not yet gone

Good morning.  I have been up for a few hours, though if my husband didn't have to get up for class and my son didn't have friend's over, I probably would still be in bed!  But, alas, I must get on with the day, and maybe I will take a nap this afternoon.

The boys will be leaving soon, and since I have no way to get Bretton to his basketball game today I suppose we are just going to stay home and be lazy.  I feel bad though- he has missed almost every other game this season do to either not being able to find a ride or him being gone to camp.  Today is his last regular season game, then play-offs will begin next week.  I really hope that his team makes it past the first elimination game so that he can play a few more and hopefully Eric can make it to at least one then.

Wow, I'm not feeling well right now.  I ate breakfast already, which usually helps with the nausea but apparently not this morning.  I guess I better go find my sea bands.  Maybe I will add another blog later today if I get super bored.  Though I somehow doubt it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

And so it goes

So, it is around 8:30pm and my husband is already in bed.  He actually went in about an hour ago.  He worked his first night shift last night, and though he slept some today, it wasn't enough.  You could see the exhaustion in his facial expression and movements.  I hope he sleeps well tonight as he has to get up at 7 to go to his CNA class.  But, all in all, I think he enjoyed working and is looking forward to having a job and contributing to our financial needs.

My son was supposed to go to basketball tomorrow, but since we don't have a ride he will have to miss it. Again.  So far this season he has only made it to every other game and there are only like 2 more before play-offs.  I sure hope we get a car soon or someone can bring us to the rest of the games.

As I sit here typing, my son and two of his friends are laying in bed watching a movie.  They wanted to stay up and be loud, playing Nerf dart guns and stuff, but I had to put an end to that when the hubby went to bed.  Which, to be honest, I'm not disappointed that they had to stop.  It was loud and annoying and I am too tired to deal with all the ruckus.  I want to go to bed now, but feel like I should stay up a bit longer to make sure the boys are all set for the night and so on.

The last two days at work have been different.  The student I usually work with for most of the day has been out so I did a lot of photocopying, reading up on some fraction material, helping some other students and other odds and ends.  It was quite different, but nice at the same time.  I wonder what next week will have in store, especially with it being a 4 day week, since Friday the school is having a Winter Fun Day.  February break starts right after, so I'm expecting the students to get more and more antsy as the week progresses.

Anyway, I am off for tonight.  My back, hips and sciatic nerve are aching and sitting here any longer may kill me!  Time to get this 15 week along (unborn) baby and myself to bed!