Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a weekend

So, it is currently Sunday evening.  Tomorrow I go back to work, after a four day weekend, that wasn't planned.  We had snow days both Thursday and Friday.  I'm actually looking forward to going back to work.  One of my biggest things about staying home is I find myself bored or annoyed with something to do with our apartment.  (I wish we could just move already!)  Also, for some reason I can drink all my water through out the day at work with no problems, but at home, I find myself pushing the water at the end of the day because I didn't get it all in sooner.  I wonder why that is though.  Ah- oh well.

Eric is currently at one of his clinicals.  Bretton and I actually had to go bother him today because he had my debit card and I needed it to put gas in the car and go to Wal*Mart.  I felt bad to disturb him, but I didn't have any other way to do it.  He looked like he was enjoying himself though.

Yesterday we went to Strong and helped prepare food for Chris and Bri's wedding reception.  We then came home, took showers and headed back for the wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, and Chris and Bri looked absolutely amazing! They seemed happier than ever and it all seemed to go pretty well.  I can't wait to hear about their honeymoon!

Today, Eric, Bretton and I went to Salem to pick up Bri's car so that we could take it to a mechanic to be looked at.  We are considering buying it, but want to know what a mechanic says first.  Well, we didn't end up bringing it home.  We left, with Eric driving Bri's car while I had the van and was leading him.  I looked in my mirror a few times to make sure he was there and at one point he was gone.  I slowed down, thinking he would show up, but he didn't.  I found a place to turn around (which wasn't easy considering the amount of snow everywhere) and went back to find the car in the snowbank.  He said the power steering stopped working and he went off the road.

So, Bretton and Eric pushed the car while I drove it out of the bank.  I then took it down the road a bit to see how the power steering was, and it was definitely gone!  I checked the fluid, which was pretty close to full, so I knew it wasn't that.  We decided to take it back to their house as it would have been nearly impossible to drive it all the way to Farmington.  Eric wanted to drive it as he was worried about me and the baby, with the amount of force I had to use to steer the car and probably the possibility of going off the road, but I felt it would be easier for me to drive it than for him to.  No offense to him, but I am stronger than he is and he was already off the road once.  Anyway, we made it back.  Too bad it wasted a lot of time and gas for nothing!

So, I may have mentioned this before, but I'm too excited not to say it again!  On Thursday we have our anatomy ultrasound!! :)  I am excited to see the baby, but very worried too.  I'm hoping my fears and worries aren't justified.  In the meantime, I am trying to not get too stressed over it, and am also focusing a lot on trying to decide what to do.  I want to wait to find out the gender at birth, but Eric and Bretton would like to know the gender now.  I guess in a way, I wouldn't mind knowing, but I don't want others to know and I know there is no way Bretton can keep it a secret.  I am sooo confused as to what to do!!

Either way, I love you wiggleloo!  (Daddy says that is your new nickname!) Can't wait to meet you!

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