Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I never really understood why, or who, made this stupid holiday up.  Yes, I buy something special for Bretton every year and allow him to buy stuff for others.  I even got something for Eric.   But seriously, shouldn't every day be treated as though it is Valentine's Day?  Shouldn't people who love each other always be doing something nice for each other, and not just once a year?   Even so, I plan to give Eric his stuff, and we are going to go to lunch with some friends.  Though, for me, it is more just going out to enjoy it, than it is for a specific day or reason.

Anyway, Bretton's team lost their game yesterday.  They were down three players while the other team actually had all their players this time!  The game was very close the whole time though and there was almost no way to definitely know until the last 50 seconds or so as to who was going to win!  It's sad though- I mean, I'm not one who thinks it's all about winning.  I always say it's about having fun and doing your best, but this one time it would have been so great if they had won.  Eric didn't get to see any games due to his CNA class always being at the same time.  If they had won, they would have gone on to a night game this week and then he could have gone.  But, such is life.  They did a great job and I am proud of the way Bretton played.

So, Eric is going to try to switch shifts at the nursing home.  I think he enjoys the night shift, but he's so tired for days after as his body doesn't want to let him sleep long enough to catch up during the day.  He is going to see if he can can be per diem instead. He will easily get plenty of hours still, as they need people for all shifts.  They just don't have the coverage that they should have.  Bad for them, but could potentially be good for us.  Once Eric is done his CNA classes and clinicals, I am hoping he can work a good 5 days or more a week so we can start putting some money aside.  We really want to move sometime- the sooner the better.  He owes his parents money as they loaned him the first half of what we had to pay for his CNA class, and we (obviously) have a baby on the way that we want to put money aside for in case we need it.  Especially since I won't be working this summer and am also hoping to get September and maybe October off from the next school year.  That would be 5 months of me not working so any extra money we can put away will help alot.

 Well, I should go get myself ready for the day.  It's almost 11 and Bri and Chris will probably be calling me in a few short hours and I haven't even gotten dressed yet!  I'm such a bum sometimes!

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