Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another day has come, but not yet gone

Good morning.  I have been up for a few hours, though if my husband didn't have to get up for class and my son didn't have friend's over, I probably would still be in bed!  But, alas, I must get on with the day, and maybe I will take a nap this afternoon.

The boys will be leaving soon, and since I have no way to get Bretton to his basketball game today I suppose we are just going to stay home and be lazy.  I feel bad though- he has missed almost every other game this season do to either not being able to find a ride or him being gone to camp.  Today is his last regular season game, then play-offs will begin next week.  I really hope that his team makes it past the first elimination game so that he can play a few more and hopefully Eric can make it to at least one then.

Wow, I'm not feeling well right now.  I ate breakfast already, which usually helps with the nausea but apparently not this morning.  I guess I better go find my sea bands.  Maybe I will add another blog later today if I get super bored.  Though I somehow doubt it.

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