Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Of Those Weeks

It seems my family and I can't catch much of a break right now.  Currently, my husband and I both have pretty bad colds.  He can't sleep because his nose is so full and I can't sleep because my throat is on fire and swallowing is near impossible.  This came directly after a stomach virus that Eric, Ephraim, and I all had.  (Luckily, Bretton rarely gets ill and hasn't been hit with anything more than a sore belly for one day.)

On Monday, Eric has said he felt a little nauseous but didn't seem sick beyond that.  I went to work as usual thinking it would be just like most days and that when I got home Eric would be feeling much better.  Sadly, this wasn't the case.  As the day wore on, I had very little appetite and got a super horrible headache.  Now, I get headaches regularly, but this one wasn't like my usual ones.  No matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it.  I figured it was from not eating much, yet I couldn't get myself to eat much more than I already had.  When I got home, Eric said he was feeling about the same as he did before I left for work.  Bretton and Ephraim seemed fine though, so we didn't think much more of it.  Until the next morning. 

Eric slept in the living room that night-- our first night not in the same bed together!  I suggested it since he was feeling yucky and didn't get much sleep.  I thought that maybe if he got a good nights sleep he would feel better and that maybe he wasn't feeling well because for over 15 months now neither of us have had a complete full night of sleep. 

All night I was in and out of the bathroom.  By 5 am I decided to get up and have some mint magic tea, hoping it would help ease my belly aches.  Nope.  The moment I started drinking it I was right back into the bathroom.  I spent the rest of the day unable to hold even a sip of water down.  By that afternoon, Eric called the OB and they had me go to the outpatient clinic at the hospital to get an IV.  I was so dehydrated from all the vomiting and diarrhea and moving even an inch caused me to vomit more.  They gave me Fennigan (sp?) to help ease the nausea and then 2 bags of fluids in only 2 hours.  It pumped fast and furious, but I was out cold pretty much the whole time!  The OB came and checked on me once in the middle, then again near the end to listen to the baby.  He said I had a virus and that I should feel better by the next day.  I didn't believe him-- especially when it was time to leave and I couldn't move.  Once Eric and the nurse got me into a wheelchair I was vomiting yet again!  Didn't seem at the time like the drugs were doing any good!

I got home and slept pretty much the rest of the evening and through the night.  By morning I was 80% better and no one else was sick.  I thought we were in the clear!  I took Wednesday off from work to finish recovering.  Thursday morning I woke up and got ready for work.  Not even an hour before I needed to leave, both Eric and Ephraim were vomiting!  So, as hard as it was to call in, as I am sure they had a difficult time finding a sub (if they even found one at all), I knew I couldn't leave Eric to tend to himself and a 15 month old. 

Ephraim was fine by the next day, but Eric was stick feeling bad and had a cold to top it all off.  He called into work both Thursday and Friday.  I had called in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  What a horrible time of year, with the holidays and winter (meaning oil heat) to miss so much work!  I am going to use sick days, despite not wanting to.  I was trying to save them for maternity leave.  Now I am down to 9 left, I think?

Anyway, what a week it has been.  So hoping we feel better before Monday!  I really need to get back to normal and feel healthy again!  Plus, I hate having my family sick. 

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