Monday, December 31, 2012

Pinterest Sunday: Hershey Cake

So, if I am going to do the Pinterest thing and blog about it (see my last blog post) then I figure I should try to stick with doing it on the same day each week.  I mean, blog about it on the same day, not necessarily make the item that day. 

It just so happens that I did make one today, and it was a Hershey Chocolate Cake found here.  The recipe calls for dark cocoa, but I didn't have any.  After having a piece, I am OK with it being regular.  It was SO chocolatey!!  Even Bretton, who will eat as much cake as possible said it was very rich and didn't completely finish it. 

The recipe also calls for boiling water, but the person whose blog I got it from used coffee.  I used the coffee.  It came out great, and you couldn't taste the coffee.  The cake itself was moist, but not overly so.  The frosting was good, but had a distinct cocoa taste to it, so next time I make it I will be cutting down a bit on the cocoa in the frosting.  Otherwise, it was a fabulous recipe and definitely a great choice for someone who wants a rich chocolate "kick"! 

Oh, and I just made a 2 layer cake, which meant using the recipe as is, but doubled the frosting as most frosting recipes seem to not be enough.  This was *more* than enough when doubled, so I may not double it next time and see how much it really turns out to be.

I took pictures, but can't upload for some reason. 

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