Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time passes by

Time passes by.  Sometimes slowly, and other times too quickly.  The past few weeks have been pretty busy, between appointments, work (both Eric and I), cleaning and rearranging bedrooms, along with some shopping in Augusta today and a family trip yesterday.

Our room is pretty much complete in the way of organizing and rearranging.  Now we have to decorate it.  We have been slowly buying some things for it.  We have been given some wall decor in the celestial theme, which is what we want to do, so all we have had to do is on on to it!  It's been a bit of a struggle in a way though, because things either don't match exactly, or we have trouble finding items that go with the theme.  We did find a few things in the past few days though.  We bought a couple of metal stars and a metal sun that we are going to paint, and a small mirror that is in the shape of a sun with a moon on one side.  Also, we bought some big wood letters for both Bretton and baby, in their initials.  We got these cool 3-D glitter stars and suns to add onto the letters.  We still need to buy paint for it all though.  Bretton wants to do his in either Orange and hot pink, or in black and blue.  We are doing the baby's things in blues and yellows (for the most part anyway).  Finding moons has been the hardest part though.  Hopefully what we have gotten from a friend will have enough to counter-act everything.  - Oh, and we also bought some cool fabric for another sling.  I'm excited to get working on painting things and putting stuff up. 

Yesterday, Eric and I took Bretton and his friend Michael to Joker's.  It was a lot of fun, but tiring!  The boys played laser tag, went on the rock climbing wall and bounce house, played in the amazing playhouse and enjoyed the arcade games.  Eric and I played a number of arcade games as well.  The boys left with a number of goodies from their tickets they earned to cash in for prizes and Eric used his tickets to buy a huge stuffed banana that he names banana-nana.  After our day there, we stopped at Big Lots in Auburn on the way home, took Michael home and then enjoyed a few hours at home before taking Bretton to Michael's for the night.  We stayed at Michael's for awhile and played a neat train game of some sort with Michael's mom, Nancy, and another couple that was there.  It was an enjoyable evening, but a late one that brought me home exhausted!

We have some buys weeks ahead, and I am hoping that they fly by.  The pregnancy seems to be going so slowly which is driving me insane!  I just want it to be over with and have our baby at home with us, in our arms!

Oh, and Eric has a job interview for the hospital on Monday.  I hope and pray he gets the job.  I know he really wants it.

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