Sunday, March 7, 2010

Too much to do!

I feel like there is just too much to do and not nearly enough time to ever do it all in!  Today we went grocery shopping and are now working on cleaning and rearranging our bedroom.  We are at a stand still with it right now though, as we wait for our friend's to come pick up our old dresser that we no longer want.  Then, we can rearrange, clean and put things away.  I'm hoping we can manage to find a way to put the bed in the room that gives us more space, but it's not looking to promising.

Yesterday we went to Portland.  Bretton had an indoor soccer game first, then we headed down.  We went to the Old Country Buffet for lunch then walked around the mall a bit.  Bretton wanted to see if they had some different TV shows on DVD at Best Buy, but they didn't, so we ended up at F.Y.E and both Eric and Bretton got something there.  We also went to a few baby stores, but everything was just beyond expensive, and I don't see how we can justify spending so much money on tiny clothes that won't fit 3 months later. 

I did find some things at Motherhood Maternity though.  I really needed some pants and shirts, so I got one pair of pants and two shirts.  I couldn't believe how expensive everything was, but what else was I going to do?  Not many of my clothes fit me anymore, and buying bigger regular sizes weren't really cutting it either.  So, we decided it was worth spending the money on a few things and I'm just hoping I can get part of that money back by selling them on eBay or something after the baby is born.

We also went to Babies R Us, which was the main reason I wanted to go to Portland in the first place.  We looked around quite a bit, but didn't find too much that we wanted to spend money on- just yet anyway.  We did however find a few things.  Eric found a bib that he was ecstatic about so we bought it.  (His excitement came from the fact that the bib said "If you think I'm cute, you should see my dad.")  We also bought some onsies, a sweatshirt and an Ocean Wonders Space Saver Seat and Swing.  I really like swings and wanted one, but since we have such a tiny apartment, we didn't want to buy a regular sized one.  I think this one will work out just fine; I hope!

As each day passes I get more excited to meet our little boy!  Even Bretton was happy to go baby shopping, which I thought was awesome!  I can't wait to see him as a big brother!  It makes me so happy to know that he is finally going to have a sibling that he has long desired and that Eric and I are adding to our family.  :)

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