Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been awhile...

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote.  I doubt I will be able to keep up this time either but I'm going to try.  Maybe I will try committing to once a week to start.

Last night was one of the hardest, longest, sleepless nights in months.  Ephraim was crying most of the night and I couldn't calm him down.  Now that it is almost time for me to go to work, he has finally settled down a bit.  I'm hoping he is able to manage through the morning while I am at work.  I know Eric didn't sleep well either, so it could be a super long day for us all.

In other news, my blog title has changed!  It was Mother of One and Expecting.  But, since I found out I am pregnant again, I thought I should change it.  I am pretty shocked still- not fully believing  the test results.   Especially because of my lack of symptoms.  With my others (including our miscarriage) I was pretty sick, in pain, and all the text book stuff.  But other than the occasional nausea, tiredness, and massive migraine (that has lasted for over a week now), I feel pretty good.  Oh, and smells-- yuck!  So, I guess I do have symptoms, just not nearly what I've had in the past.

As of now, my due date is March 7, 2012 but I haven't had an appointment yet, so it could change. A winter baby!!  I can't wait, despite being scared to death to have two under 2!   I love the 11 year difference with my boys.  Not sure how much "love" I will have for a less-than-2 year difference!

Either way, we will make it through-- we always do.  And I am already looking forward to bringing this little one home to join our family!

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