Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crazy Week (last week)

**Note: I had most of this typed and saved it to finish then never did! So, I finished it tonight and here it is.**

This past week has been a crazy one to say the least.  Monday was sort of normal, as far as I can remember.  Oh, except that Ephraim has screamed through most of the night holding his ears so Eric took him to the doctor who said he was just teething.

Tuesday morning I woke up to find half a pot of coffee brewing onto the kitchen floor!  What a way to start the day.  We also had another OB appointment that day, in which I was nervous about.  I was excited to get to hear my baby's heartbeat, but nervous that they may not find it and something would be wrong.   At the appointment the nurse said that it was too early to hear the baby's heartbeat but that maybe Daisy (the midwife we were seeing that day) would still try and that we should ask her.  Um, of course she will try, I'm into my second trimester, lady!

As soon as Daisy came in the room I knew I wouldn't have to ask as she had the doppler with her!  She said it could take a few minutes to find (which I knew) but actually found it fairly quickly, considering.  My heart melted, of course.  It is always a beautiful thing to hear your baby's heartbeat.  Eric was holding Ephraim and I looked at the two of them.  Eric had a gleam in his eye, and Ephraim had a  "what the heck is that noise" look on his face! 

Wednesday I felt crappy and Ephraim hardly slept, again.   I was coming down with something, as was Eric, but wasn't sure what or how bad.  So, Wednesday night we went to the store to get Sudafed, as the doctor said that is the only cold medicine I am allowed to have during pregnancy.  We couldn't find it anywhere so we asked at the pharmacy.  The assistant asked who it was for, and I said myself.  She said it is behind the counter now (I wouldn't know this as I never used it before).  OK, well I asked how much it would cost and she said $4 something.  Sweet.  Cheaper than I expected and my throat and nose were killing me so we decided to get it.  She then asked for ID.  Um, I don't carry mine on me most of the time.  It was in the van, and I could go get it, but didn't want too, so Eric pulled out his ID to pay for it.  She said he couldn't buy it for someone else, so she asked the pharmacist for permission-- which she got.   Since when does it matter?  Eric can pick up any prescription for me, even scheduled narcotics, but can't buy Sudafed for me?!  WTH is this world coming to?  Anyway, I made a comment about how stupid the policy is since he's my own husband and it would be going to OUR home.  Then, she asked Eric how old he was-- when he said 21 she gave him the dirtiest look.  I could tell she didn't believe him.  Um, again, WTH?  He is showing you his ID, lady!  Finally we bought it and left thinking our week of crazy may be turning better.

Hahaha-- nope!  Thursday morning I went to work, punched in, and got out a pile of papers to organize and make my plans for the next week.  No sooner was my table covered in stuff did the phone ring.  It just so happens that I was the one to go answer it.  I saw Eric's cell number so I picked up the phone and said hi.  On the other end I hear Eric near tears telling me I need to come home.  I asked him why and he said something about falling with Ephraim and that Ephraim was bleeding.  I quickly hung up and flew out of the school.  (Apologies to anyone who saw me and thought I must have been looney.  But my adrenaline was rushing and my worst fears flying through my mind!)  As soon as I got home, I could see that Eric was beyond hurt-- he was pretty much a wreck.  I held Ephraim and asked if Eric was OK and what happened.

Eric explained that he was carrying Ephraim and tripped on a toy, making both of them hit the floor.  Ephraim's face hit the hardwood floor, and of course he screamed.  Eric picked him right up to comfort him and soon found blood coming from his nose (both nostrils) and mouth.  He was worried about his teeth but couldn't see them.  His gums had swollen up too fast.  So, we got a flashlight and looked around Ephraim's mouth.  All his teeth were in place, but barely seen from behind swollen gums.  I told Eric that even if he lost a tooth, it is better to lose a baby one!  We then called the doctor to have him seen.

The doctor said he looked good, but to keep an eye on him for signs of a serious head injury just in case.  Vomiting a lot would be a sign.  Sure enough, Ephraim vomited throughout the day, so we ended up in the ED that evening.  I've never seen them get us in and out so fast.  It took about an hour from getting there to being discharged.  They said he looked good and to keep watch.

So, along comes Friday.  I tend to have a love-hate relationship with Fridays, and this particular one had me in a cranky mood. I made the most of my day even though I felt like screaming at everyone and everything and just laying in bed all day.  After work I took Eric to work, came home and tried to relax, then went back to get Eric.  We decided to stop at Hannaford on the way home to pick up a few items and what do you know, our evening just got more interesting-- to say the least.  Eric grabbed some items and went to check out while I was off grabbing some other things.  We decided it would be faster that way and that we would just meet back at the car.  Well, I happened to be a few people behind Eric in line and right after he left the store the cashier started in about how Eric was stupid and so on.  I was pretty irritated at this, but decided it was better to hold my tongue, especially with how irritable I was in general that day.  But, when a man behind me started calling Eric mentally challenge, and saying the cashier shouldn't sell things to a mentally challenged person, I flipped.  There was no way I was allowing someone to call my husband names and think they were getting away with it!  The man proceeded to accuse Eric of probably being a drunk who does nothing.  The cashier laughed and agreed.  I looked at both of them and very angrily told them that unless they knew what they were talking about they should shut their mouths.  I explained that Eric was my husband, who just got done work, takes care of his family, and is probably a better man than either of them could ever even dream of being.  They laughed and said something else, where I responded with some choice words and said they were darn lucky I was pregnant otherwise I'd be using more than words one them.

So, Saturday we went to Hannaford and spoke with a manager.  She apologized a few times, said the cashier was going to be getting spoken too quite harshly, and then generously gave us a $25 gift card!!  What a great ending to Friday's craziness.  But Saturday night wasn't much better.  I was super sick, and ended up driving myself to the ER because my chest was super tight and I was having trouble breathing.  My cough wasn't helping, either.

So, that was our week. 

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