Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another day gone

Today was an uneventful day.  Went to work, though I wasn't feeling up to it.  Luckily, I got there to find out that it was a pretty easy day (not that most days aren't, just a different type of easy).  There was a Civil Right assembly this morning which was pretty good, then in the afternoon there was a one man fiddler concert.  He was awesome! 

Besides that, life is same old.  Tomorrow we will reach the 11 week mark of the pregnancy and so far things seem to be going well, other than the awful symptoms!  My son is almost constantly asking if he can tell people about becoming a big brother- he even just asked again!  We told him near the end of January, but honestly, almost everyone we know already knows so I don't see why it matters.  Even if for some reason God sees fit to take our unborn child home, people will still know/find out.  Maybe I can convince my husband to just let him tell all he wants now. 

My son is also busy doing basketball, both for the areas rec department and the after school program they have for it.  He complains about his body being sore when he gets home, but I know he enjoys it and I just keep telling him it's good for him.  What a mom I am... haha! 

Well, I am going to go find some food or something.  The feeling of absolute hunger has overtaken me most of the day.  I'm afraid I may not find anything I actually "want" to eat though.

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