Saturday, January 30, 2010


Seriously, I am so tired!  I thought this whole being exhausted part of pregnancy only got better as time went on, but I see that someone was very wrong in informing the world of this.  Of course, it doesn't help that I am so uncomfortable sleeping at night that I wake up every few hours.  And when I get home from work I am exhausted and sometimes nap, making me less able to sleep through the night.  Gah!  I know, I know, it's all a part of being pregnant and will help prepare me for life with a baby.  When did I ever say I wanted more children anyway??  My son is almost 11.  That means he will only be with me another 8 years or so (although he insists he is living with me forever).  Am I crazy for starting all over again?  Because that's how I feel!  I'm actually very happy to be having another child, with and for my husband, who "desperately" wants children.  It's just frustrating to have to go through all the "symptoms" and craziness.  Why can't our bodies be good to us for the duration of pregnancy?

Anyway, my son has basketball today.  He was also doing an after school program but he decided to be done with that one.  I think he missed coming home after school with me and having that extra time to do stuff before dinner and homework and so on.  I think it's sweet that he wants to be with me, but I wish he would have finished this one season at least since they only have like 2 weeks left.  But, I am one of those people that feels that a parent should never force their child to do an (optional) activity if they don't want too.  I encourage and even tell him to give it some time before making his decision, but if in the long run he still doesn't want to do it, I won't make him.

So, because we have basketball to go to, I need to get moving around here and get some things done.  Then, after basketball we will be doing our usual grocery shopping so we probably won't be home until late this afternoon.  As much as I need to shop I wish I didn't have to spend the day doing it.  I just don't have the energy.

Oh, and yesterday marked the beginning of the second trimester!  Some say it starts week 13, some say week 14, so I went with 14.  We had an appointment Thursday and they found the heartbeat fairly quickly.  My husband and son were both with me for this one.  My son had never heard the heartbeat before so we wanted to let him see what it was like.  He was happy that they found it.  So was my husband and myself!  I can't wait to feel this baby move now- though I know it will be another 6 weeks or so.

Well, I am off for the day.  Who knows what it will bring that isn't planned!

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