Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alert Bracelet or Not?

This past spring Ephraim had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for some stomach issues.  He was constantly being asked questions that he couldn't answer, and probably had no knowledge of them even speaking to him.  Luckily, I was there with him the whole time, but even then when I said he was non-verbal, they would still try to get him to talk to them.  Ever since then I have wondered if we should have some sort of informational jewelry or whatever for him (and even the other children).  I think about how there is always the possibility that something could happen and Eric and/or I may not be there or be able to respond.  If this was to happen, the youngest 2 children would have no way to give any information about themselves or us. 

Now, even more so, with Ephraim's official diagnosis, Eric and I are leaning towards getting him a bracelet (or something) that states his name, date of birth, and the fact that he has Autism and is non-verbal.  But, am I jumping the gun?  I think sometimes that maybe I am, but then I think about how Ephraim doesn't respond to his own name, not to mention to people he doesn't know.  I don't want to "advertise" info, but on the other hand, it is vital information to make sure he is safe and understood in the event of an emergency.

So, if I do get him one, do I put all the information on the back of the band, which would mean the person reading it would need to take it off him, which may or may not be a disaster in and of itself?  Or do I put the information on the front where anyone can read it?

To be honest, I'm not ashamed of his diagnosis and lack of verbal skills.  That isn't why I'm not sure about putting in on the front.  I am more concerned that others may take it the wrong way, or that he himself may one day find it to be a "label" or a "flag" to others.  Does this make any sense? 

I am considering doing one for both Bretton and Lorelai as well, considering anything can happen to either of them as well and Eric and I may not be there or respondent for them either.

So, what do you think?  I am looking for honest, yet respectful, opinions. 


  1. my only concern would be is he going to play with it or take it off? Otherwise, coming from a medical standpoint that is a great idea. I would look for one that says "autism" on one side, and gives space for abbreviated history (nonverbal, and other conditions), allergies, and emergency contact info. oh and blood typ if it's rare.

    also I recently saw on pinterest about putting emergency info on stickers and putting said stickers on both sides of every car seat you own. that might be something good for e and l. Does Bretton carry a wallet? his info should be on a card in his wallet or backpack (I would also include contact info for the family he stays with during the week, as well as a note giving them permission to seek treatment for him if fact, anybtime someone is babysitting they should have a letter giving permission to seek treatment for your children if needed - most ers won't treat a.child until they can reach the parents unless it is a critical emergency.)

  2. Adrienne-- Yeah, I'm concerned about E taking it off too, but I won't know for sure unless we try it! I just saw that on pinterest too (the car seat info thing)!! Bretton doesn't carry his wallet, but I should have him do so-- that is a really good idea. The family he stays with already has a letter from me stating they can make any and all medical decisions necessary and how to get in touch with me. It also tells his weight, height, meds, allergies, etc. :) Thanks for your input! I appreciate it! :)