Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just another day in the house of W

Well, it sure has been a busy week.  Seems like each week gets busier.  We don't have the money to be making so many trips to and from Farmington, yet we keep managing somehow.  Today was just another day with 2 round trips.  Eric is working right now, so there's one trip, and I had to take Ephraim to the doctor this morning, so there's the other trip. 

The doctor said that she believes E is starting night terrors.  Oh, joy.  Bretton had them soooo bad.  I hope E's don't get nearly as bad as Bretton's were.  (B would attack me in his sleep, once with a knife, because they were so bad.)  She said that because of Ephraim's chromosome deletion and the night terrors, she feels he needs another evaluation by the neurologist.   So, I called and they scheduled him for January, but will change it to a sooner date when the neurologist reads the genetics report and *if* the neurologist believes it is necessary to do it sooner. We thought the trips to Portland would just be once a year for his genetics recheck, but I guess not. :\ 

On a positive note, Lorelai did awesome with Eric this morning.  I was gone from about 9-11, so not very long, but a good start.  I'm hoping to do a 3 or 4 hour trip soon to see how she does when it is long enough for her to need to nurse but not have me here to do so.  She has started using a straw cup, though she doesn't drink much from it and prefers not to do so.  But, it is better than nothing.

Bretton is still at his friends house.  We get him tomorrow after school for the weekend.  He wants to go to the fair so badly, and while we really don't have money to spend, we also don't spend a whole lot of time with Bretton and the fair is once a year, so we may take him with a serious limit on what can be spent.  I'm hoping E can stay with Denise so we can focus more on B.  Though L will need to go with us.  This is the first year that I can go on a ride with B in like 3 years, so I know he wants to go on at least one with me, and probably one with Eric. 

Tomorrow E has his evaluation.  I should be able to post a quick thing tomorrow night, but if not I will add something Saturday.  I can't wait to have it done with and know where we stand, no matter what the outcome is.

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