Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Update

So, just a quick update, as I really don't have time this morning (busy day ahead). 

Lorelai is having a real hard time at night.  I am assuming it is teething.  He two bottom teeth have poked through, and I can see the ridges of the two top teeth.  She whines, fusses, and wakes up on a regular basis.  We don't normally do medicine if we can help it, but no one is getting much sleep, especially me, so I am thinking we will try some Tylenol before bed tonight and see if that helps at all.

Ephraim had his second observation on Thursday.  He goes for his psychological evaluation this coming Friday, and we were told by the observationist that the psychologist will tell us his findings at the evaluation.  I am excited, yet nervous.  That may sound weird-- to be excited.  But, when you have known for a while that something is "off" and you just want to get a diagnosis to start services that are really needed, you get excited to know that you are *so* close to finally having an answer. 

Bretton is still spending his school nights with his best friend and family.  They really love having him and while I miss him (we have him on weekends), we are so thankful to have people who treat him like their own son.  The thought was that it would just be for a few months, as we were were under the impression that we would be getting a house, but that is looking more and more like it won't be happening.  So, Bretton may be staying with this other family for the rest of the school year.  Or until we can find something in Farmington in our price range with 3 bedrooms-- which is proving to be impossible right now. :\ 

Eric has been applying to a million places, yet has heard nothing.  He is starting to feel like no one wants to hire him and that there must be something about him that is preventing him from getting a job.  I've tried to tell him that isn't the case-- they don't even know him.  I am praying he finds something soon. 

I'm just chugging along.  Trying hard to not be worried about our finances and to not be stressed.  Enjoying my time home with the children, despite how hard they can be sometimes.  I'm planning on subbing on the days that Eric doesn't work, as long as Lorelai can handle it.  We will see.

Well, that's about all for now. 

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