Friday, July 13, 2012

Growing Up

What a day.  Since we now live in Salem, which is 40 minutes North of Farmington, it is a real pain to go get things done with children as it takes that much longer.  Today, Bretton had his 13 year WCC (Well Child Check) and I needed to get groceries for both home and for Bretton, who is going to a family member's home to do work for the week.   I left around 8:30 am and didn't get home until almost 1pm.  Eric then had to go to Farmington as he had to work. 

Bretton's WCC went well.  The doctor said he is healthy. :)  He is almost as tall as I am now.  It is so weird to think about how he once was small enough to fit inside me, inside my arms, in a crib, then into a toddler bed... and now-- well now he is a young man, growing rapidly and making me wonder where the last 13 years have gone!  He is so grown up and independent.  He goes off for weeks without me-- visiting people in different cities and even different states!  Soon, he will be traveling the world, supporting himself, and possibly even a family.  I am so excited to see where life takes him, but I am so scared too.  I wish I could stop time and enjoy these moments with him as my "little boy", forever. 

Well, onto a new subject.  Food.  Grocery shopping today was interesting.  I didn't get everything that was on my list.  Partly because the store rearranged everything and I was having a hard time finding things, and partly because I didn't have time to mess around with it since I shopped before Bretton's appointment.  I did well though.  I stayed on my list except for a Coke, a Mt Dew, and donuts.  I shouldn't have gotten them, but Bretton and I were hungry and wanted something quick and easy and we figured it would be our last time for awhile.  (Not sure how long we will make it but going to try for at least 10 days without any sugar or processed foods then go from there.)

So, for groceries, I got 99% lean ground turkey breast, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, some rice crackers (that follow the guidelines of, and cheese its and yogurt covered raisins for Ephraim.  That's it.  I am going to try to make some wraps, pitas, and/or bread this weekend, depending on the weather (it may be too hot to run the oven).

At dinner time, I looked around and wasn't sure what to make or what I wanted.  I decided to go with a whole wheat pita (already had on hand, and we decided not to "waste" the food that already have), with turkey breast, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mustard.  After one bite I was in heaven.  I forgot how good "real" food really is!  I'm hoping I can keep up the same thought a few days from now though when I want to give in to cravings for sugar!

I think I will weigh in tomorrow and if I can find my tape measure I will measure inches as well.  I'm not looking forward to what either has to say, but I know I have to know, and will be able to look back one day and see progress that I can be proud of.

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  1. I know how difficult it is to keep away from sugar temptation! Every week we try to stay away from sodas, candy, chips, bakery things, fast food, etc. And half the time we fail! I'm trying so hard to spend the bare minimum on groceries but I'm soooo bad with temptation! I have a new way of doing groceries I'm trying this month though, so I'm hoping it works better.

    Good luck with the real food challenge and the shopping!