Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bretton: Part 2

The last few months of pregnancy seemed to go by slow, yet fast.  I had so much to do and think about and not nearly the same amount of time as most people have!  As time went on, my main focus was to make sure I graduated from HS.

February turned into March, then April, May, and before I knew it June.  I graduated HS on June 13th, 1999.  It was a super hot day and I was roasting.  I will always remember and be thankful of a classmate who was sitting behind me.  She had an ice pack and shared it with me.  She put it on my neck a number of times.  What a wonderful thing for her to do!  All I could think about was getting into a cool building and for the braxton hicks to stop.  Why in the world did graduation ceremonies need to be so long and drawn out.  Don't they realize that most people aren't even listening, nor do they even care?!

The last 3 weeks before Bretton was born seemed to creep by slowly.  During those weeks, some friends took me out to try and start labor.  We went mudding, we went on bumpy back roads when driving, and a few other things that I can't quite recall right now.  Nothing worked.  Until June 30th.  I was with Ronica (best friend from HS) and Rosie (Ronica's mom, like a mom to me) while they were house sitting for someone.  Rosie had just gotten home from a long shift-- more than 24 hours-- and went to take a shower, warning me not to go into labor until she had a shower and some sleep.  Alicia was also there (another friend from HS), spending the night with us. 

Rosie gave me an exercise ball that she brought home from work and I started bouncing on it.  I had heard that doing so would/could help with effacement and dilation.  So, we figured it was worth a shot.  Not even 10 minutes after being on the ball I felt like I had to pee.  I remember jumping up and saying so out loud.  Rosie was in the bathroom still, so I didn't know what to do!  The urge was so sudden and I was afraid I was going to pee myself.  Ronica grabbed me and pulled me into the kitchen-- the owners of the house had jokingly said not to get any after birth on their rugs!

Before I knew it, a big gush of hot liquid was running out of me.  I made it into the bathroom and continued to lose this liquid while on the toilet.  I thought I was peeing, yet how could it be so hot and how could i have so much of it?!  It didn't take long to realize my water broke!  This was at about 9:30 pm.

I got changed, grabbed my hospital bag, and called the hospital to let them know.  Either Rosie or Ronica grabbed a towel for the front seat of Ronica's car, since I was soaked yet again.  It seemed like an endless waterfall!  I remember walking into the ED (as it was after hours, around 10 pm) like a penguin because I was so wet and felt so gross.   I was sent right up to OB where they put me into one of their two labor rooms.  I was given the smaller one as someone else had just given birth in the big one, but was told they could move me into it later so I could use the labor tub.  I was never moved, which disappointed me.

My memory of the labor and birth is in bits and pieces.  And to be honest, I think it is in bits and pieces for the people that weren't on drugs because sometimes no one really agrees on the little details.  But in the end, it is what I remember that matters, and the fact that the next morning, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy.

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