Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laid back kinda day

Today has been a pretty laid back day.  We went to the D.E.W. Animal Kingdom with Denise, then to Irvings for lunch.  Eric totally surprised me and had a cheeseburger platter!!  He never eats anything but breakfast when we go there-- even at dinnertime!

We came home and Eric got ready for work and left.  Bretton, Ephraim, and I have just been chilling out.  Ephraim finally fell asleep (in my arms) and Bretton and I are watching The Young Riders and enjoying brownie sundaes!  Mmmm.  :)

I'm hoping we can find some fun things to do next week.  School starts in a few weeks, which means I go back to work.  :(

Well, I'm going to go finish my sundae. 

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