Friday, August 26, 2011


Hurricane Irene is making its way north along the east coast.  It can hit Maine anytime between Sunday and Monday from what I understand.  At first we weren't worried-- and while we still aren't really, we are preparing.  The forecast says that our area will see high, damaging winds, power outages, 10+ inches of rain, flash floods and more.  We are pretty far inland so for us this is big.  We don't get hurricanes in Maine!

So, while we have most of the supplies we need, we do need to get some stuff done around here today before Eric goes to work.  We need to put all the outdoor stuff in the garage, do all the laundry and dishes, and make sure we have an emergency bag in case we need to leave the house for some reason. 

Anyway, I've been horrible at this blogging!  I am going to try to do the series on my pregnancy and birth of Ephraim this weekend, if the power doesn't go out!


  1. The weekend is over and I see no series!

  2. Gah! My pregnant mind shrank more than I thought, as I totally forgot! :( I will start tomorrow morning!