Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'm starting to become a mess.  I mean, more of a mess than I usually am.  My anxiety levels have been higher than usual lately, due to many stresses, but it is especially high now as we prepare for a two night stay in Portland to take care of Ephraim's doctor's appointments. 

Tomorrow, we will plan to leave around 10 am to head to Portland.  We will drop Bretton off with friends (his choice) and then head south.  We live approximately 2.5 hours north of Portland and with a nursing baby and a "special needs" toddler, the trip can be anywhere from quiet and relaxing, to stressful and overstimulating for all involved.  I am hoping it will be an easy trip. 

We are staying in a motel for Sunday night and Monday night.  With the gas, amount of time on the road and the time of the appointments, it just made the most sense to us.  Especially since we have no idea how Ephraim is going to handle everything.

In case you don't know, E has been having moments of blank staring spells for about a year or so now.  They have progressively gotten longer and more often, though weren't a huge concern to us, knowing that he is probably Autistic (we are still undergoing evaluations to determine if it is Autism or something else, but in my heart, I already know) and it can be a part of Autism.  However, at one of his observations, the observationist noticed and said we should bring it up with the doctor.  She seemed concerned, so we brought it up at his 2 year WCC, where the doctor decided we should get testing done.  He went a week later for an EEG, hat ended up a disaster, and the next day after that to the neurologist who advised us of the 24 hour EEG and the possibility of seizures, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, or just a part of Autism (which he also suspects).   So, E is being connected to a small backpack that will have electrodes connected to his head-- an EEG.  He needs to have it on for 24 hours (technically it will be less) so that they can see how his brain reacts to all sorts of stress, his "normal" day, and sleep.  His appointment is Monday morning at 9 am.  It will take about an hour to hook him up.  After that appointment, he has an appointment with the Geneticist at 10:30 am.  This was scheduled over 6 months ago to help us determine whether there is something genetically causing the signs and symptoms that we are seeing in Ephraim. 

After these appointments, we are hoping for an easy going day, but have no idea what we are really in for.  We fear E will have a hard time with the backpack and the gauze the want to put around his head and chin.  My MIL sent a bunch of new toys and Veggie movies to help keep him entertained though.  Hopefully they do the trick!  We need to keep him entertained enough to leave the wires alone-- which he loves.  Seriously, the child loves string, wires, lamp posts, signs, etc.  So, keeping him away from the wires could be hard, but we are hoping and praying for the best.

Tuesday morning, he has to go back in at 8 to be disconnected.  I am hoping that other than the follow up appointment, that we will be done with the neurologist.  As soon as I know more, I'll post.  As soon as we are back from the appointments, I'll update on whether we have hair still or not. ;)

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