Monday, August 13, 2012

Just another day

Today was sort of hectic and long.  We had to leave the house shortly after 9am to head to Farmington to grab some groceries for Bretton.  Then, we headed to Livermore Falls for appointments for Bretton and I.  I haven't seen Bretton for over a week, so it was great to see him!  :)  He even asked for me to come into his appointment with him so we could talk. 

After his appointment, he left to go back to Steve and Tracy's until Thursday.  After my appointment it was already 1pm!  We were starving, so we headed to Jay to grab McDonald's (I need to learn to pack lunches with us-- when we actually have food to pack), then headed to the bank, Irvings to drop off some stuff for a friend, and to Hannaford for a few groceries for us to get through until Wednesday when we will actually get everything we need.  (We didn't want to spend extra time out in town today-- it is a lot to handle with the kids.) 

We got home and Eric took Ephraim right outside to play.  The poor kid hasn't been out to play for a few days, between Eric's schedule, my headache (that still exits after 48 hours), and the weather.  He loves the outdoors.  I can't wait until Lorelai likes it as much (hopefully) and doesn't want me to hold her and be in her eye sight at all times!

Anyway, I'm not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I have resigned from my job.  It was such a hard decision-- and I am still second guessing myself.  But I know it will be best for the family to have me home full time.  I just hope we can make it work financially.  I'm considering making diaper cakes and diaper babies to sell to help bring in a bit extra money.  Anyone want to buy one? ;)

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