Friday, August 31, 2012

Diaper Cakes and Diaper Babies

We need money.  Who doesn't?  But really, our bills are officially more than our income, which hasn't ever been the case before.  So, I have racked my brain trying to think of something I can do to maybe bring some money in, without leaving the children, since my resignation from my job was to be at home with them.  I considered taking in a child or two to care for during the day, but my children take more time and energy than 10 and adding another one would take all my sanity away-- though I'm not sure I even have any left.  I considered making desserts to sell, like pies, breads, cupcakes, whoopie pies, etc.  But, that is a lot of time in the kitchen that I don't really have right now, and a home food processing license that I don't have time or money to invest in just yet (though I am still considering this for the future).  I'm not very crafty and have no good ideas on what I could make to sell.  So, my options started dwindling and I was about to give up.  Then, I decided that maybe I should try diaper cakes and diaper babies.  I made a diaper bike and a diaper baby for Bri and Chris and thought the baby came out great.  The diaper bike needs work, so I decided to skip out on that for now.  Cakes are easy enough, though they take some time.  Diaper babies are cute and pretty easy.  So, I decided to make some samples, come up with a little sales pitch, and see if I can possibly sell them.  Here's hoping!! 

So, today I made a sample diaper baby.  I need to finish the head and take a picture.  I made a sample diaper cake a week or so ago and just haven't gotten to the baby yet.  I then went over the pricing of them in my head a million times.  I keep thinking I am going to be charging too much.  But really, I'm charging near nothing compared to many sites I have seen online.  I am going to post pictures and my little sales pitch on some FB groups that I am a part of, tonight, hopefully, and see if anyone is interested.  I really hope I can sell at least 3 a month.  That is a profit of about $40.  Not a lot at all, but could definitely help with gas!  When I get a chance to upload the pictures to the computer, I will  do another post showing them and the "sales pitch".


  1. You should make a Facebook page and maybe a Storenvy to promote and make sales easier for you. I wanna see pictures!

    Btw, from what I read, you can sell baked goods from your home without a lisence as long as you make less than (I think) $600 a year (though I don't know how they can prove how much you make) and dont represent yourself as an official bakery.

  2. Jill: I was definitely considering the FB page and possibly an account somewhere, but thought I would wait and see if there is any interest in them first. :)