Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Late Post-- Weigh In

So, last week was crazy busy.  Ephraim had to go to Waterville for an EEG, which he didn't even sleep through as he should have (tech's fault).  Then he had to go to the neurologist in Scarborough.  I wish I had packed food to take with us, but I didn't.  We ended up eating out a few times and I missed a ton of snacks and didn't get all my water in.  So, I knew it would be a bad weigh in.  I just didn't realize how bad...

Weigh In (Saturday, 8/4): 284

Weight loss of:  ZERO.  Ended up with a 5 pound gain.  :\ 

But, that' OK.  I mean, it isn't OK-- but I am going to take care of it.  I am starting fresh and trying to remember to pack food for days we are gone for extended periods.  We also have a treadmill now so I am going to try to walk as much as I can physically handle.  Probably won't be a lot for awhile though as I am having a serious knee issue. 

I also have to try to not let the stress of finances and Ephraim's medical issues bother me too much, as I know stress isn't good for my health, weight loss, or family in general.

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